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650 North Cannon Avenue
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Manish Gorawala
Founder and CEO
(267) 263-3178

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MLeads is a cloud technology (SaaS) based one-stop innovative mobile platform for leads and events management processes automation. MLeads is built to solve these problems by offering intuitive design and a process that is easy to understand and follow for sales and marketing professionals and event organizers.; Free Trial

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News Releases
Mar 23, 2017

In a conference management software, you do not invest every day. So that you do not regret your choice later, this will be well thought out. That is why we are turning the tables today and show...

Mar 14, 2017

MLeads is innovative cloud technology (SaaS) based mobile platform for Leads and event management processes automation. The management team takes a pride in announcing that the MLeads platform has...

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