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MLeads on the move, selected as a tech startup spotlight at SXSW tradeshow from March 10th-19th

MLeads is innovative cloud technology (SaaS) based mobile platform for Leads and event management processes automation. The management team takes a pride in announcing that the MLeads platform has been selected as a Tech Startup Spotlight as part of the Spotlights program at SXSW event.  Spotlights highlight new technology companies within SXSW’s industry-specific programming tracks including SXSW Music and Startup Village®.  MLeads team will share some of the Key features and suggestions in managing sales leads and sales lead tracking software and much more at the event SXSW conference from 11th March-15th March in Austin TX. Visit us at booth no.1923; get the free live demo and free trial.

At Startup Village, Spotlights, MLeads team will showcase our platform for a highly focused experience.  We invite you to stop by our table at Pre-Function Area of Hilton Hotel, 4th Floor March 13th from 4pm-6pm.

The panelists will even take a special privilege in decoding some of the secrets of lead management and how lead management software source can work wonders for your business. Management team further states that “knowing the new processes of technology and gaining the knowledge of updated systems will even aid a lot in an optimum growth of businesses”.  To every participant, we will take a special privilege of doing a live demo of free lead management software. The interactive conversations according to your business needs and leverage of asking your doubts will also be done by our group of panelists.

In the throttle neck tight competitions, where visibility is important and phenomenal thing, our event planning software will help you to keep your business goals in pace. Addressing the media, the panel of experts also stated that “MLeads is planning to create a new stir in the markets and present phenomenal advanced things in this 10-day organized event and festive affair. The new edgy style of software and automation system available with us will give a new edgy weapon to stay ahead of your competitors at all times.

At times face to face conversations with clients can play a crucial role, in the booming sector, there could be vast of things that are must for getting business. There could be myriad things like a festival, trade shows, charity functions, promotional events or much more. When it is essential to take the necessary feedback for pre and post function, the event management system software will easily help you to collect every bit of information a guest sends you. In this conference, we would take a privilege of managing your business world with just simple clicks. With niche years of experience, according to your requirements, we could event curate tailor made software according to your business needs. We help to access your data from anywhere and anytime.

About MLeads

MLeads is a cloud technology (SaaS) based one-stop innovative mobile platform for leads and events management processes automation. MLeads is built to solve these problems by offering intuitive design and a process that is easy to understand and follow for sales and marketing professionals and event organizers.

MobileLeads LLC
Manish Gorawala
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