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Visionary Director, Brett Leonard, to Host Historic Immersive Screening at SXSW
Iconic filmmaker, Brett Leonard--who helped usher in the era of virtual reality with his hit film 'Lawnmower Man'--will be treating VIP guests to the world's first live-directed interactive group theatrical presentation as he debuts a sneak-peek of his latest groundbreaking project, 'Hollywood Rooftop' in a fully-immersive theater.

LOS ANGELES, March 5, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Coming off the highly successful 5th annual installment of VR Fest in Las Vegas during CES this past January, 3opolis announces that VR Fest will now take the act on the road to the SXSW Film Festival, with its traveling version dubbed 'VR Lounge.'

The unique activation will feature a host of dynamic and cutting-edge immersive content, including top-flight music experiences from Lady Gaga & Katy Perry (Ceek VR); eco-conscious immersive wildlife presentations (Planet Experts); America's Got Talent standouts, Light Balance, in VR (Virtuality); haptic-driven sound healing sessions (Quantum Harmonix); AR-activated artwork (Visual Reality); even holographic DJs (Holocryptics). Something for everyone, to be sure.

But what's likely to draw the most attention will be the headlining act from iconic filmmaker and Studio Lightship co-founder, Brett Leonard (Lawnmower Man, Virtuosity), and the sneak preview of his latest pioneering VR project, Hollywood Rooftop.

While already having set a benchmark with its very creation (the project was shot simultaneously as both a VR series and 2D feature) Leonard will look, once again, to ride the bleeding edge of cinematic history by debuting one of the episodes—or 'frags' as the term has been coined—to a room full of people viewing at the same time without a VR headset; instead utilizing the world's most advanced 360-degree video projector (from BroomX Technologies) to display the piece—the sum total of which will then constitute the first-ever live-directed interactive group theatrical presentation.

When asked about how this project can impact the VR industry, Leonard states: "Our aim with Hollywood Rooftop is to inspire an 'Immersive New Wave' of storytelling in this emerging medium, combining classic cinematic technique with the intimacy afforded by Virtual Reality, allowing audiences to be more fully engaged with story, character, and emotion in an actual Immersive Movie experience." 

Rooftop producer, Mark Rickard adds: "What Brett did with this is light years ahead of what's already out there. Using multiple forms of media to maximize a 360 environment is proving the most engaging way to tell a story—possibly in the history of filmed media. It truly must be seen to be believed."

VR Lounge activates March 13 at the Capital Factory inside the downtown Omni hotel, with the VIP screening for Hollywood Rooftop to occur that evening. The writer and starring cast member of Hollywood Rooftop, Mona Lisa Moru, will also be present at the screening to discuss the project.

3OPOLIS – Since 2006, 3opolis has led a global charge for interactive live events which utilize 3D, 4D, AR and VR technologies. The company is also credited with hosting the world's first 3D, 4D and VR Film Festivals, and has executed more than 100 global tour stops through its traveling '3D Lounge' and 'VR Lounge' showcases. Whether through feature films and documentaries, or immersive media, 3opolis continually endeavors to produce and create only the most groundbreaking and captivating content of the current era.

STUDIO LIGHTSHIP – A new multi-disciplinary technology and content company, uniquely focused on Virtual Experience (VX)—collectively, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality & Mixed Reality. Pioneering the Process-IP that make possible its "Virtual StoryWorlds" (immersive cinematic narrative worlds that users can navigate, explore, socialize, game, shop in, and ultimately, co-create), Lightship is helping to define the Virtual Reality medium over the next decade and beyond. In addition to a slate of original VX-oriented content designed to set the bar for narrative VR, Lightship is developing StoryWorlds for various brands, clients and disciplines, including narrative IP creators, music festivals and artists, environmental movements, new transportation systems, and medical visualization/research initiatives.

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