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Food for Thought - Bonin Ventures Backed #BreadBot Feeds SXSW's Hungry
- Taste the world's first smart bread on the ground at SXSW
- #BreadBot Serving Up Fresh Bread March 9-12 From 10AM-10PM

AUSTIN, Texas, March 9, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Automation just got fresher with a new farm to table experience – a bread bot that creates fresh bread right in front of your eyes -- you will have to smell it to believe it. BreadBot, a mini bakery unto itself, is going to bring a local bakery feel to retailers everywhere, while reducing carbon footprint, eliminating preservatives and cutting down waste. That's fresh! Make sure you check it out this week at SXSW.

Who: #BreadBot (Wilkinson Baking Company) and Bonin Bough, Bonin Ventures

What: This smart bread robot uses multi-facial recognition to customize its bread offerings, providing real time insights into consumer behaviors with its big data and analytics capabilities.

Where: Bonin Ventures House, 410 East 6th Street, Austin

When: March 9-12 10AM-10PM (CST)

Note:  Interviews available upon request

About Wilkinson Baking Company
Headquartered in Walla, Walla, WA, Wilkinson Baking Company is passionate about changing the way we purchase and consume bread, making fresh bread universal to Americans. The smart bread robot: "The Mini Bakery" is fully automated, produces 10 loaves an hour, and uses smart technology like AI, big data analytics and facial recognition to customize each experience, and provide real time insights into customer purchasing behavior for retailers. For additional information, visit

About Bonin Ventures
Bonin Bough is a world-renowned marketing guru who is taking his big business expertise and applying it to innovative companies that are changing the world with technology. With a current portfolio of twenty-two businesses, Bonin Ventures is a private investment group that provides strategic capabilities, a unique skillset, and unprecedented access to drive exponential growth. For additional information, visit,

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