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DataMesh Shows Mixed Reality Solutions at SXSW 2017

AUSTIN, Texas, March 16, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- DataMesh presents at SXSW Trade Show for the first time in 2017, fully loaded with its Mixed Reality Products and Solutions.

Although AR/VR is the hottest topic in 2017 SXSW, the concept of Mixed Reality is still new and attracts a lot of curiosities. As one of the best service providers to top tier enterprise customers, DataMesh clearly understands its mission to spread Mixed Reality knowledge to the public, by telling them how to experience the world in a different way in the future.

During 2017 SXSW, DataMesh shows MeshBricks (Brick game) to public. MeshExpert Live! (Live 4K Mixed Reality video shooting based on HoloLens Spectator View/BEV), HoloHub (Holographic based showcase modules) to professional journalists, film makers, advertising agencies and scientists for their innovation studios and labs. HoloReady (Holographic based training and readiness platform) to public sector and enterprise customers. The large scale shared experience provided by MeshExpert DataMix between devices impressed many attendees.

At DataMesh booth, what we hear the most was: "Wow this is really awesome!" from people who experienced Mixed Reality the first time, or "This is the best Hololens solution I've even seen" from professionals. The excitement from the public, customers and partners has encourage us to develop more cool stuff to continue the "Wow" experience and give back to the community.

As one of the earliest Microsoft Hololens solution providers, DataMesh has extensive products and solutions including:


MeshExpert DataMix : (Big) Data, ECM/KM Integration and Mixed Reality Collaboration.
MeshExpert Live! : Live mixed reality video shooting based on Spectator View.


HoloHub: Holographic based showcase modules
HoloDesign : Mixed Reality design and decoration modules
HoloReady : Holographic based training and readiness platform

Demo Apps

HoloDesign Beta : A demo of mixed reality design & decoration features
MeshBricks: SXSW Trade Show demo
HoloDrive : An OneDrive alternative in China

About DataMesh

Founded in 2014, DataMesh is specialized in Data Science and Mixed Reality. We believe the next revolution of human-computer interaction (HCI) begins with deeper understanding of data, intelligent real world recognition abilities and shared mixed reality experience. With the powerful underlying product MeshExpert and Microsoft HoloLens, DataMesh is helping customers and partners around the world to design the right mixed reality and data solutions through consulting services.  

For more information, please visit DataMesh website:  

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For further information: Ashley Li, 1-425-5280947