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Comedian Sarah Rose Siskind, Musicians Rapsody, Jackie Venson, and DJ Reborn as well as groundbreaking authors Jacqueline Woodson, Bettina Love, and Carlos Moreno join the keynote and featured stages.

Award-winning journalist from The 19th News, Errin Haines debuts her new podcast at the Conference & Festival.

AUSTIN, Texas , Feb. 7, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- The South by Southwest EDU® Conference & Festival shares the exciting lineup for the 2024 Podcast Stage, as well as new voices for the Keynote and Featured Stages. As one of the first of its kind at an education event when introduced three years ago, SXSW EDU's Podcast Stage, presented by GitLab Foundation, continues to break ground in showcasing the medium's power as an important storytelling tool, capturing the intersection of education, society, and culture. This year's program will feature the live recording of the debut audio series, "The Amendment," hosted by celebrated journalist and editor-at-large of The 19th News, Errin Haines, as well as the launch of "The Cusp, a Work Shift podcast," hosted by Paul Fain. In addition, attendees will be delighted to hear from comedian Sarah Rose Siskind, musicians Rapsody, Jackie Venson, and DJ Reborn, and groundbreaking authors Jacqueline Woodson, Bettina Love, and Carlos Moreno, just to name a few.

"The podcast stage has quickly become an important staple of SXSW EDU, and we are thrilled to further establish its role as a go-to space for creatively engaging audiences and spotlighting the range of conversations impacting education. From policy to tech to gender equity, the new and established podcasts participating in the 2024 event all have unique perspectives to provide on the conversations so critical to today's landscape," said Greg Rosenbaum, senior director of SXSW EDU.

In total, audiences will be able to attend 14 podcast sessions spearheaded by several returning and first-time presenters. Exploring facets of early childhood, higher, and continued education, the podcasts will touch on several of SXSW EDU 2024's tracks including Teaching & Learning, Equity & Justice, and Leadership for Tomorrow. Featured in this year's lineup are:

  • The Amendment with Errin Haines: An Examination of Gender, Politics, & Power The 19th News will be live on the podcast stage with a recording of its debut audio series created in partnership with Wonder Media Network (WMN) and hosted by award-winning journalist and 19th editor-at-large Errin Haines. The show, which officially premieres on February 14, 2024, will interrogate how politics and policy impact the new electorate: marginalized communities — and in particular women and LGBTQ+ people.
  • The Cusp, a Work Shift Podcast: Leveraging AI to Benefit Learners & Workers – Work Shift will launch "The Cusp," a new podcast featuring interviews with plugged-in experts about the impacts of AI and other forces in the fast-changing landscape of education and work at SXSW EDU. Presented by GitLab Foundation, this session welcomes Work Shifts' Paul Fain, Learning Collider's Riddhima Mishra, The Burning Glass Institute's Debbie Wasden, and MDRC's Edith Yang.
  • Conversando: Building an Ecosystem for Latina Prosperity – Hear from Texas-based organizations that are building an educational ecosystem to support an emerging generation of Latina youth in K-12 STEM education, career exploration, digital equity, and college readiness. The podcast session includes Intercultural Development Research Association's Stephanie Garcia, Latinitas' Gabriela Kane Guardia, Con Mi MADRE's Johanna Moya Fábregas, and Every Texan's (formerly Center for Public Policy Priorities) Jaime Puente.
  • EdSurge Podcast: Examining the Impact of the 'College is a Scam' Narrative – Public opinion continues to sour on the value of college, and that has contributed to enrollment drops at many colleges and universities in recent years. EdSurge Podcast host Jeff Youngin conversation with New America's Shalin Jyotishi, the University of Virginia's Ben Wildavsky, and GSDM's Roy Spence will explore how the growing narrative that "college is a scam" is impacting the perception of higher education and of who heads to campuses.
  • Educator Well-Being Podcast Series: Conversations on a Purposeful Priority – During this podcast, expert panelists from state government, higher education, and health care will continue the conversation on the importance of teacher wellness – what it looks like, and what are the steps to implement and sustain educator wellness in teacher preparation programs and in the K-12 classroom. The lineup features Utah First Lady Abby Cox, Rady Children's Hospital's Domonique Hensler, Western Governors University's Stacey Ludwig Johnson, and National University's Mark Milliron.
  • EWA Radio: Considering Concentrated Poverty in K-12 Funding – Public Advocates' John Affeldt, The Education Trust-Midwest's Amber Arellano, Education Writers Association's Emily Richmond, and the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education's Ericka Weathers - will discuss the impact of concentrated poverty on students, how more resources can be directed to high-poverty schools and other strategies to address these disparities and improve resource equity. This podcast is presented by the Education Writers Association.
  • Getting Smart on Creativity: Podcast with Stanford – This live recording of the Getting Smart podcast will bring together the authors of Creative Hustle, Experiments in Reflection, and Make Possibilities Happen — Stanford's Leticia Britos Cavagnaro, Paper Punk's Grace Hawthorne, and Getting Smart's Tom Vander Ark — to discuss what educators can learn and use from these books and the authors' work at the Stanford and beyond.
  • Horizons: Banning LGBTQ Education Means Banning LGBTQ Educators – States across the U.S. have sought to expel LGBTQ educators from classrooms by banning discussions of gender and sexuality, with drastic implications for both teachers and the youth that look to them as examples of positive and possible futures. This conversation, featuring Philip McAdoo Diversity & Inclusion Consulting, LLC's Philip McAdoo and Jobs for the Future's Taylor Sprague, will explore how these laws perpetuate inequitable economic outcomes for the LGBTQ community and deepen the teacher retention crisis.
  • NAF Research & Tech Talks: Why the Future of Work Needs a Work-based Learning Movement – This panel will convene key researchers, corporate visionaries, and youth in a conversation about the impact of learning inside the experience of work. Hear from The Ohio State University's Edward Fletcher, Clayton Christensen Institute's Julia Freeland Fisher, and NAF's Marc Lesser.
  • No Silly Questions Podcast: Early Childhood Education in America's Largest School System – Join No Silly Questions podcast co-hosts, Danielle Freilich and Jordana Fruchter, in conversation with a deputy chancellor of New York City's Public Schools, Kara H. Ahmed, to discuss how her team is serving over 100,000 students in their early childhood program.
  • Route K-12 Podcast: Busting Society's Big Math Myth – Why do we believe that some people aren't "math people'' when all of us are born problem solvers? Collaborative For Student Success's Jim Cowen and The Math Guru Vanessa Vakharia are going to shatter that misperception and demonstrate that everyone can — and should — excel in math.
  • Taking Off The Mask Podcast: What's up with Young Men? – In this live podcast, male-identifying students and educators, including Ever Forward - Siempre Adelante's Ashanti Branch and The Ever Forward Club's Ryan Louie, Johnathan Pugh, and Wenceslao Soto Sanchez, come together to discuss the masks we wear: how the way we present our identity affects the climate and culture of our schools.
  • Tomorrow's Principal Podcast: Will AI Be Your Next Principal? – In the AI era, the pace and scale of change is rapid. How must leadership change to meet this moment? The Leadership Academy's Nancy Gutiérrez, Ed.L.D., IDEO's Eva Mejia, Ed.L.D., Aspen Institute's Gene Pinkard, and Kentwood Public Schools' Kevin Polston explore.
  • Trending in Education: March Madness of Learning Trends 2024 – Trending in Education returns to the podcast stage at SXSW EDU for the third time to kick off our yearly March Madness of Learning Trends Tournament for 2024. Join host Mike Palmer, Kaplan Test Prep's Melissa Griffith, Bast AI's Beth Rudden, and Palmer Media / Queens College CUNY's Robin Naughton, as they introduce and curate the latest trends in learning, media, and the future of work in these tumultuous times.

Keynote and Featured Sessions

Alongside the Podcast Stage, SXSW EDU is excited to roll out additional programming for the 2024 conference and festival that further explores sense and story-driven methods for enhancing learning. Science comedian Sarah Rose Siskind joins the event to deliver a special Keynote address on humor as a means of communicating complex ideas in STEM and beyond. In her session, Science Comedy: Why It's a Thing & How to Do It. Siskind will explain more than a dozen experience-tested principles of comedy as a backdoor into understanding and dive into research demonstrating that audiences retain more information when the delivery is enjoyable.

SXSW EDU unveils three new Featured Sessions examining the impact of an emotionally poignant approach to education, whether through music or intentional vulnerability. Sessions include:

  • ACL: 50 Years of Live Music, 50 Years of Music Education – Music has the power to inspire, move, and teach impactful lessons in and out of the classroom. Join this discussion to explore 50 years of music captured by Austin City Limits including iconic moments from the show with educational and social impact. You'll hear from Benjamin Kramer, Chief Education Officer at Austin PBS; Elizabeth Hulse, Music Specialist at Manor ISD; recording artist Jackie Venson; and Terry Lickona, Executive Producer of Austin City Limits, how ACL and PBS plan to bring innovative education resources to the classroom.
  • Finding Your Leadership Soul – In this conversation — and as a complement to Leadership Journeys — inspiring leaders Bettina Love, author of "Punished For Dreaming;" Carlos Moreno, Co-Executive Director of Big Picture Learning; Jacqueline Woodson, author of "Brown Girl Dreaming;" and Sharhonda Bossier, CEO of Education Leaders of Color will share their personal journeys to their Leadership Soul, peppered with joy, pain, and growth.
  • On the Record: Music in Every Classroom – What deep truth is absent and which songs are missing when we teach a history of American popular music crafted by gatekeepers rather than one informed by creatives and their audience? What kind of unlearning and rethinking empowers teachers to provide students with the dynamic classroom experience that was not available to us when we were kids? Join Bill Carbone and Imani Wilson of; DJ & Sonic Artist DJ Reborn; and Emcee & Recording Artist Rapsody; for a real conversation with recording and performing artists who bring music as a powerful social resource into the lives of 21st century learners.

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The SXSW EDU® Conference & Festival is a reflection of the world's most critical social issues as seen through the lens of education. This year's event will bring together the learner, the practitioner, the entrepreneur, and the visionary to share their groundbreaking stories, tackle complex issues, and build reimagined paths forward. As a community of diverse people who are united around a like-minded vision for the future, SXSW EDU serves as a place for attendees to renew their purpose in practice from both a personal and professional perspective. It is a place to reinforce the core principles of teaching and learning as well as an opportunity to express your creativity and passion for education. Join the passionate and innovative community at SXSW EDU, March 4-7, 2024.

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