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#1 New York Times Bestselling Author, Yung Pueblo, to Deliver Closing Keynote at SXSW EDU® 2024

The renowned writer joins the lineup for a thought-provoking talk guiding audiences through the transformative journey of self-love and the art of letting go.

AUSTIN, Texas, Jan. 24, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- The South by Southwest EDU® Conference & Festival welcomes Yung Pueblo, poet and author of books such as The Way Forward, to its 2024 conference and festival for a special Closing Keynote, Unlocking Your Best Self for Yourself & Others address. Widely known on Instagram and various social media networks, Yung Pueblo has garnered praise for his exploration of self-healing, love, and acceptance, which he brings to the SXSW EDU stage on Thursday, March 7 at 1:00pm CT.

"Our audiences tend to be curious, life-long learners. While that is often focused externally, learning is also an internal process. We are excited to have Yung Pueblo deliver a keynote that offers attendees the opportunity to look within and examine what they can tap into to release their full potential and creativity," said Greg Rosenbaum, senior director of SXSW EDU.

In addition to the Keynote talk, which will highlight pillars such as radical honesty and positive habit building, and discuss the importance of releasing past traumas to better serve yourself and others, SXSW EDU has added another Featured Session to its 2024 lineup that focuses on the significance of accessibility towards empowerment. Providing a Voice & Making the Nevers Possible for ALL, brings together Chris Jackson, Emmy-winning actor, singer, musician, and composer who is known for his roles in productions including Broadway's Hamilton, Moana and In the Heights, along with KultureCity's Meg Raby Klinghoffer, and Dr. Michele Kong of The University of Alabama at Birmingham. Attendees will learn how technological advances, doctors, parents, and advocates are working in harmony to change how neurodivergent individuals communicate and advocate for themselves in and outside the classroom.

"Connection and community are essential to SXSW EDU. With sessions such as 'Providing a Voice & Making the Nevers Possible for ALL,' we are not only connecting the experiences of specific communities, but we are connecting how tech and innovation can spark larger change," continued Rosenbaum. "This offers a perfect opportunity to blend both the SXSW and the SXSW EDU communities given their shared passion for tech, culture, and society. After all, the ideas and concepts highlighted often stem from a lesson, teacher, or opportunity that was presented along someone's educational journey."

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