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Numbers Protocol Wins Metaverse & Web3 Category at SXSW Pitch, Solving Critical Issue of Digital Media Provenance for Humans and AI

AUSTIN, Texas, March 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Numbers Protocol, a startup dedicated to solving the critical issue of digital media provenance, has won the Metaverse & Web3 category at the 15th SXSW Pitch. The platform provides a comprehensive solution that ensures provenance for all types of creativities created by humans and AI.

SXSW Pitch featured 40 tech companies from eight categories, pitching their innovative solutions to a panel of judges and venture capitalists. To date, 613 companies have participated in SXSW Pitch, with over 93 percent receiving funding and acquisitions in excess of almost $21.5 billion

Numbers Protocol was one of the finalists in the Metaverse & Web3 category, along with other startups including, a no-code automation platform to build and share bots to automate their Web3 activities; FLock, the world's first on-chain private neural processor; hOS, an operational system created to power productivity in the Metaverse, and OnChainMonkey NFT, a Web3 company empowering communities to become catalysts for positive collective action. 

Tammy Yang, founder of Numbers Protocol, delivered an award-winning pitch that highlighted the importance of data traceability in the age of AI. She explained that the lack of digital media provenance is the root cause of misinformation, copyright infringement, and other problems.

Numbers Protocol is the first asset-centric cross-network protocol and handles 6 billion gateway monthly traffic from 190 countries and is already being used and trusted by art, music, NFT platforms, and metaverse. The company is developing an application for AI companies to trace data provenance, and currently has conversations with art institutions, such as hTC Vive Art, Tate, and AI platforms, such as Google AI, MidJourney, and Instill.

The rise of AI has brought with it an unprecedented amount of data being generated and processed. Ensuring the traceability of data has become an increasingly important topic of discussion in the tech industry. Through collaboration and the development of innovative solutions like Numbers Protocol, we can ensure that the use of AI is transparent and responsible.

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