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Zappi and Insights Leaders at PepsiCo and Mars Wrigley Confectionery Examined the Future of Insights at SXSW 2019
Panelists Reimagined the Role of Insights Teams in Global Enterprises to Drive Growth and Efficiency

BOSTON, March 19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- On Saturday, March 9, global insights leaders at Zappi, PepsiCo and Mars Wrigley Confectionery took the stage at SXSW 2019 to reimagine the future role of insights. Panelists Ryan Barry, Chief Revenue Officer at Zappi; Tim Warner, Vice President, Insights & Analytics, Europe & Sub-Saharan Africa and Global Digitization at PepsiCo; and Michelle Gansle, Director, Global Gum & Mints Insights at Mars Wrigley Confectionery, joined to discuss new ways of navigating an often traditionally-driven industry. Through leading with the voice of the consumer and using new marketing tools and platform technologies, insights can help companies make better decisions more quickly, cost effectively and ultimately bring a new wave of disruption to the insights industry.


During SXSW, the panelists addressed these shifts, discussing how today's brands need access to new tools that provide more than just static results, siloed data and agency dependency, but fundamentally better insights: smarter, more precise and more predictive to inspire ideas and fuel creativity. This shift will help marketeers and brands build consumer intimacy and purpose that meet the needs of the rapidly changing consumer and provide a significant source of competitive advantage and accelerating growth.

"While many traditional market research providers are now seeing the value in automation, we see how important it is to push past that," said Ryan Barry, Chief Revenue Officer of Zappi and panelist of the session at SXSW. "At Zappi, our vision is much bigger; it's to help our customers create an insights function that delivers fundamentally better insights and is embedded in all important commercial decision making across the organization. Through our work, we're advancing this shift by building future-proofed, close-looped and market-validated research products. Our goal is to fundamentally change the way businesses, like our partners at PepsiCo and Mars, think of consumer insights for the better."

The panelists focused on how to best deliver value through real-time consumer feedback to validate business decisions, and how marketing and insights managers can maximize spend and team impact. By continuing to focus on innovation, Zappi is committed to delivering on these industry needs by creating the market research tools of the future that allow insights professionals to shape the future role of insights internally and bridge the chasm between the understanding, consumption and utilization of insights.

"Just as technology has changed the way humans live, it is also changing how the industry captures insights and creates value for businesses. At Mars, we are embracing technology to capture true human behaviour while also working to increase speed and agility to meet the changing needs of our consumers and customers." - Michelle Gansle, Director, Global Gum & Mints Insights at Mars Wrigley Confectionery

"Profound changes in society and tech mean that consumers have more choice, significantly higher expectations and more control than ever before. Therefore, organisations that can detect, intimately understand and respond to consumer change better and faster will have a significant source of competitive advantage. At PepsiCo, we are co-creating with key strategic partners a new Digital Insights Platform and suite of tools to fuel, guide and amplify brand building, innovation, creative content and go-to-market activation across the enterprise," said Tim Warner, VP, Insights & Analytics, Europe & Sub-Saharan Africa and Global Digitization at PepsiCo.

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