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Breakthrough Contact Exchange App Ginko Will Be Showcased At SXSW Startup Spotlight

AUSTIN, Texas, March 7, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Booth 2122 will be one of the hottest destinations this Monday at the SXSW Startup Spotlight in Austin, Texas. Ginko LLC (, and their patented one tap contact exchange app will be onsite with its founders to showcase their revolutionary technology. This free contact exchange app will change the way the world has interacted for decades. The concept of the app is simple, yet genius. Two or more users simply tap and hold the "Ginko Me" button and within seconds, exchange their desired contact information. This means no more business cards, no more time wasted manually entering information, and never having to update your address book the next time someone changes their information. The Ginko app operates on both Android and iOS, and works cross platform.

"We live in a digital era. The business card and the means of exchanging contact information needs to catch up with the times. Ginko is the future of contact exchange," said Nick Schlueter Chief Operating Officer of Ginko LLC.

While the core of the app revolves around seamless contact exchange, Ginko offers its users with a variety of ways to stay connected. From chat to video conferencing and live broadcasts to a social wall, Ginko truly has it all. The app's Directory feature will also get a lot of attention this Monday during the SXSW Startup Spotlight.  This feature eliminates all of the clutter from contact exchange. Users can organize all of their contacts in a group or with a tag.  They can even create or join a directory for themselves and their contacts. What this means is that we will no longer wonder where we know a person from, or why we received their contact information.

This technology makes perfect sense and is long overdue. In a world where daily tasks have become instantaneous, why would we still carry business cards? The Ginko app will become a "must have" for professionals and students, and will finally make contact exchange the way it should be in 2019; fast and easy.

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For further information: Nick Schlueter,, (586) 703-7468