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Algebraix CEO Charles Silver to Deliver Keynote Address at South by Southwest on How Entertainment Will Bring Cryptocurrency into the Mainstream
Conference Attendees Can Be Among the First to Earn Digital Currency by Watching Trailers and Ads

AUSTIN, Texas, March 12, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- The Intelligent Future track at South by Southwest is the place to learn about how technology is changing the way we live and work. At this year's conference, Algebraix CEO Charles Silver will tell attendees how they can own and monetize their personal data and how entertainment will be the driving force that brings cryptocurrency into the mainstream.

Mr. Silver will deliver an hour-long keynote address at 2:00 pm March 14, Fairmont Manchester CD.

"Cryptocurrency and blockchain are massively disruptive technologies, but they have not yet 'crossed the chasm' to mainstream adoption and everyday use," Mr. Silver said. "That's all about to change, as consumers and advertisers embrace permission-based advertising. People will earn cryptocurrency in the form of our ALX token by watching entertaining digital content, and this will build trust between advertisers and consumers."

Mr. Silver will also unveil the company's new ALX application for Android and iOS devices, where consumers can take part in a beta test of permission-based advertising by watching content in exchange for ALX tokens. The 10,000 beta testers using the iOS app and the 10,000 testers using the Android app will be encouraged to give feedback on the experience. The app will go live shortly after the conclusion of the beta test.

Today, Internet giants collect and monetize information about individuals' shopping habits, interests, political leanings, health concerns, investment decisions, social interactions and other data. There has never been a mechanism for individuals to own and benefit from their own personal data. Algebraix will change that with the release of ALX.

The cryptocurrency-enabled, permission-based network developed by Algebraix will be the beginning of the era where consumers understand the value of their personal data and benefit financially from sharing it.

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Algebraix will enable individuals to own and monetize their personal data. The company's secure, permission-based ad network will be enabled by blockchain and the new ALX cryptocurrency. 

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