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Darkstore CEO Lee Hnetinka Will be One of the Guest Speakers at SXSW Convention Next Year
Lee Hnetinka will be delivering a speech at the SXSW event next year.

AUSTIN, Texas, Nov. 28, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Being a forerunner in shipping services, Lee Hnetinka will be delivering a speech at the SXSW event next year. The popular event will highlight some of the most prominent businesses taking lead in various industries. The aim of the conference focuses on the forthcoming changes happening in the retail world along with what the future holds for retail and services.

The SXSW event with the theme targeting the future of physical retail in a post-digital world will focus on leading technologies that provide added value for physically situated stores. Speakers from different companies aim to bring concrete solutions to the problem retailers and mall operators are facing.

Aside from providing alternative solutions, one of the biggest aims of the said event is to provide an adequate strategy for product-oriented stores to gain back consumer participation and make use of their store space as an extension of their brands.

Lee will be the guest speaker for his startup company Darkstore, one of the highly anticipated organizations making a concrete change in how businesses and other e-commerce company's deliver their goods promptly and effectively.

Providing services in consumer-driven cities including San Francisco, New York, and Phoenix, Darkstore has been helping several clients meet their obligations. The app-driven shipping organization also plans to extend their services to a wider audience starting with cities like Los Angeles, Seattle, and Chicago.

Lee's startup Darkstore is one of the greatest answers to what every retail store is facing. His company is built on providing delivery and shipping services throughout covered states. Using a fast and effective transportation means, Darkstore can lessen the burden of delivering products especially when the company is inundated with a high volume of orders.

Darkstore prides itself on providing a quick and easy way for various companies to get access to fast, reliable, and easy shipping services. Not only is the company providing such services, but they are revolutionizing the ways shipping fulfillments are done at the fraction of the cost.

While the traditional shipping process is complicated, Darkstore makes everything convenient with an easy to access application that can be accessed anywhere. Using automation processes and artificial intelligence to track down, locate, and deliver goods, it makes everything more efficient and lowers the costs associated with product shipping. The concept of 1-hour product delivery fulfillment is something Lee Hnetinka will share in his talks. The SXSW event will be held on March 10, 2018, and the venue will be announced soon.

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